Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries

Networking international supporters with Chinese Reformed theological education

There are over 1.3 billion Chinese and by God’s grace the church is making progress among them.  Friends of CRTS is committed to meeting the need of the Chinese churches for Reformed theological education. 

We praise God for the establishment and growth of CRTS in Taiwan, and believe the Lord will also prosper our work there and in other parts of East Asia.

Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries is a US non-profit organization that supports Chinese Reformed Theological seminaries. We have three specific ways in which we do this:

What we do

We provide financial support to various Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries for specific projects such as the purchase of library books or teacher training.

We seek to obtain property or to raise endowment funds for small Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries.  We currently have a capital campaign to help CRTS in Taipei purchase property.

We support ordained missionaries who have a call from a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary.  We currently support Dr. Tim Yates, Dr. Moses Wang, Dr. Yeo Toon, and Dr. Andrew McCafferty