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Missionary children educational scholarships


Friends of CRTS invites missionaries serving with Reformed seminaries or in Reformed theological education among the Chinese people to apply for educational scholarships for their children. Approved scholarships are granted to missionary children who are attending K-12th grade private schools outside the USA.

The specific purposes and objectives of the Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries Corporation shall be: (c) To assist any presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of America or a presbytery of any other Reformed Church which is in good standing with the Presbyterian Church of America to send one or more of its ordained or licensed ministers to teach at a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary. The minister must have a call from the Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary to which they are being sent.

In 2009 the Friends of CRTS Board authorized the Executive Committee to seek IRS approval to grant scholarships to all children of parents whose primary call is to teach at Reformed Chinese Seminary and who live in a location where no public education is available in the child’s original language.