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Assist Friends of CRTS as a Board Member or in other ways . . .


Are you interested in joining Friends of CRTS?

We are looking for people to help us in our book ministry.  We would like to mail Reformed Chinese books in bulk to the US, and then have someone in the US mail them to people who order them from us.  The same is true of other countries.

We are looking for new perspective Board members.  The first step is to introduce yourself to us by email friends@crts.edu   We will ask you to familiarize yourself with the Friends work and policies on this website.  The second step would be to attend our summer board meeting so that we can get to know you.   Board members must be 21 years old, be members of a Church that supports the Reformed Faith and be able to affirm in good conscience that they hold to the teachings of the Westminster Confession of Faith.  A simple majority of Board members must be elders, teaching or ruling, of the Presbyterian Church of America.

Kenneth Woo was appointed as the US Executive Director at the July 2013 Board meeting, overseeing the entire organization, setting the agenda for the Board meetings and carrying out the decisions of the Board. .  This is a very important position in the organization.  Currently Andrew McCafferty is serving as the Asia Director which is primarily a ministry position.   

Friends of CRTS is a small, committed group of friends, and we are involved in a very important ministry.  If you are Reformed in faith, have a heart for Chinese ministry, have a Christ-like gentle Spirit, and would like to join us, please let us know.