February March 2012 Newsletter

Dear Brothers/ Sisters,
Greetings from Taipei.
Although February and March should be springtime in Taiwan, Taipei is raining most of the time and hardly has any sunshine. Our family went to visit Pam’s parents in Kaohsiung during the Chinese New Year holiday. In addition to enjoying the love of the Pam’s family, we also enjoyed the warm sunshine of the Southern part of Taiwan. We also had the opportunity to visit Rev. Andy McCafferty and his wife Priscilla in Panton, which is the home of Priscilla’s parents. We received their warm welcome and were taken to see the beautiful sunset of the famous Dapeng Bay and the only drawbridge in Taiwan. We were also treated to delicious seafood by the family. Although we had to face the cloudy and rainy weather of Taipei again after we came back from the south, we were filled with the heartwarming love of our family and friends. How is the weather in your place now? Is it spring yet? We wish you will enjoy the beauty and splendor of our Heavenly Father’s creation in the spring season.
After celebrating the two big holidays of the West and the East, Christmas and the Chinese New Year, our life went back to normal again. Toon’s seminary began their spring classes in the middle of February. For this semester, he teaches only one class, Gospel and Acts. However, he still needs to travel to China sometimes. He is also going back to teach a class for CRTS-DC Extension at Grace Christian Church in April and was invited to teach two Christian education classes in Malaysia in June with Pam. In addition, he and Pam are teaching an extended class once a week for the China Evangelical Seminary starting this February. It looks like Toon is getting busier and busier. Nevertheless, he will still focus his ministry on the China Reformed Theological Seminary, and he will carefully plan his time of travelling.
Through your many prayers, Toon was requested to complete an interview for his citizenship in February, and he passed the exam in March. We thought it would be the end of his citizenship battle. Yet the immigration officer thought that his stay within the US had not been long enough to prove his citizenship even though he had applied for a missionary status. The immigration office requested from Toon some legal documents in order to prove the intention of being a citizen. Toon has handed in those documents and is now waiting for the response from the immigration office. Although the process of applying for his citizenship has been a tough one, Toon was able to see the good will of God throughout. We believe the whole thing is in God’s hand regardless of the results. His will is the best and may His will be done. We only pray that if Toon is granted with the citizenship, the date to make the vow will not be far from the date of his theological class at Grace Christian Church so that he can complete them both in one trip.
Pam finished the Taiwanese therapist license exam in February. The results will not be known until the middle of April. Pam felt exhausted in preparing for this exam, probably due to the large amount of information she needed to memorize (she is not young anymore!). After the exam, she told Toon that she hoped that this would be her last exam and that Toon would not push her into another degree or exam. Of course, Pam knows that this path has been under God’s guidance according to His will, not Toon’s will. Although God used Toon to push her in some ways, she got the answer through her own prayer and the seeking of God’s will. Therefore she tried to accomplish all these things with all her might and without regret. Regarding the results of her exam and her future direction, she does not really care because she believes they are all in God’s hands. All she cares about is that she does her best to complete the mission God handed to her. Currently Pam is leading or helping to lead several meetings four days a week, working as a counselor for the students in Taiwan Theological Seminary, and teaching in the China Evangelical Seminary with Toon. She also serves in a planning committee for a church in establishing a counseling center. She is still seeking God’s guidance as to whether she will work in the counseling center in the future as their staff.
By the support of your prayers, Zephy was able to arrive safely from the US to Malaysia through a series of several international flights during the Christmas holiday. After a period of time of prayer and thinking, and after analyzing and discussing with Zephy, we decided that we would not let Zephy go back to the US. Rather, we would have him go to a college in Taiwan. There are several reasons for this decision, including concerns for his spirituality, school work (grades), and health/life habits. In summary, we found him not ready to live independently in the States, and he handled all the aspects we mentioned above poorly. Thank God that Zephy listened to our advice, although he missed his old school and friends there. After the first semester there, he understood that his problems were out of his ability and control. Now he is studying in Christ’s College in Guan-Du and majoring in English, and he is also taking an online class from a State college from the United States. Although Christ’s College is only a one-hour drive from our house, we let him stay in the dorm to help him be more independent. He is adjusting well in the new school, and is making some new friends also. Since not many students there can speak fluent English, we regard this as an excellent opportunity for Zephy to practice his Chinese. We believe this arrangement and result are out of God’s good will. It helps Zephy to grow spiritually and personally. If the Lord is willing, we plan to transfer Zephy back to the States after one year and half, but not to his old school.
Besides her school work, Anna is now busy with the preparation of the short-term mission to the Philippines with her mission team. The love from the brothers and sisters of Grace Christian Church is beyond our expectation. Anna quickly obtained the amount of mission fund she needed from GCC. We are really touched by the love and support that all of you showed to us. We hope this mission trip will help Anna experience more of God’s power and also exercise her own serving ability, so that she can become a faithful servant of God in the future.
Anna recently began taking the SAT and thinking about her future direction, especially the major she is going to study. She is still not clear about the answer. Maybe she needs more time and prayer in search of the answer. She is in eleventh grade now, and she will go back the US for college after one year and half. We believe that God
will give her more clear guidance when the time is near.
Praisye is getting busier with more and more school work and activities. In addition to being the team leader and pianist of the worship team in the student fellowship/youth group, and the leader of a fifth-grade girl Bible study group, she is also participating in the school play and a Scholar’s Cup competition. She is in her seventh grade and the school work load is getting heavier. With the above activities, school work, and her own hobbies, she is so busy that she does not get enough sleep during the weekdays. This really worries us. Although she loves sleeping, she is also interested in many things. She even plans to make some money by tutoring or babysitting in order to save money for things she likes. She is quite ambitious. We sometimes really want to limit her participation of activities so that she could get more sleep. However, she can always find good justifications for these activities (and we agree). Therefore, we can only constantly remind her to manage her time well and take care of herself. When we think of her leaving home for the dorm two years later, we feel we need to treasure every moment we spend with her now.
This is the current condition of our family. The following is our prayer requests:
1. Please pray for Toon’s ministry in the seminary, including his teaching job and his mentoring of the students.
2. Please pray for Toon’s application for citizenship. May the Lord’s will be done.
3. Please pray for Toon’s teaching at the GCC in April and in Malaysia in June.
4. Please pray for Pam’s future ministry that God will give her clear guidance.
5. Please pray for the children’s relationships with God and their future direction, especially for Zephy’s adjustment in his new school, his development of life skills, and his future schooling.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers for our family. Because we have your support and God’s love, we can now do things that God wants us to do here. We believe that in God’s eyes your support behind us is as important as our battle in the front. May the Lord remember everything you do for Him, and may He bless your family abundantly.
In Christ,
Toon & Pam

至於如品的台灣心裡師執照的考試也於二月下旬完成,不過結果要等到四月中才會揭曉。這次考試讓如品覺得準備的很辛苦,大概因為要看的書太多,自己年紀也不輕了。所以考完就鄭重的跟敦興申明: 希望這是她此生最後一個考試,讓敦興不要再推她去念甚麼學位或考試了。不過如品自己心裡也清楚,她走這條路是神的心意,而不主要是老公的意思,雖然是神透過老公推了一把,但也是自己經過禱告尋求的,所以當然義不容詞、無怨無悔。至於如品考試的結果和前面的道路,她相信都在神的手中,所以並不很在意,只求自己盡力而為把神交代的事做好就是了。如品目前除了固定一週裡有四天在幾個地方帶領或協助一些聚會,在台灣神學院替學生輔導,跟敦興一起在華神的教導工作外,並在一間教會參與籌備成立輔導中心的事。至於以後是否會更多參與那個教會的輔導中心的事工,甚至成為其同工,則看上帝的帶領。
藉著大家的代禱,敬一(Zephy) 在聖誕節時期經過幾番轉車與轉機,終於平安到達馬來西亞與家人團聚。假期結束回到台灣後,經過爸媽一段時間的禱告,並跟敬一分析討論後,決定不再讓他回去美國原來的大學就學,而留在台灣念書。這個決定的理由有幾項,主要包括考慮兒子的靈命、課業、和健康/生活作息等。總之,就是發現兒子還沒準備好自己在美國獨立生活,在以上各方面都表現得非常不理想。感謝主,兒子聽了我們的意見,雖對原來的學校有所不捨,但經過一學期的嘗試,理解自己的問題是超過他能力所
祈一 (Anna)現在除了忙於學校的課業外,也開始跟短宣隊一起緊鑼密鼓地為春假去菲律賓宣教做準備。主恩教會弟兄姊妹的愛心真是超過我們所求所想,她很快就籌到了她所需的宣教費用。大家對我們一家的愛護及支持,我們真是十分感動。希望Anna藉著這次的宣教經驗,能更多的經歷神的工作,同時操練自己的服事能力,使她將來能成為神忠心的使女。
1. 為敦興在神學院的服事,不論是教導或帶領學生,都求神賜下能力。
2. 為敦興公民身分的申請,願神的旨意成就。
3. 為敦興四月去主恩教會,以及六月去馬來西亞的教導工作。
4. 為如品前面服事的道路,求神清楚的引領。
5. 為孩子們跟神的關係以及前面的道路。特別為敬一在新學校的適應、生活能力的培養、和以後學校的方向禱告。