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Yates Prayer Memo June 2013

JUNE 11, 2013
from Tim
Last Prayer Memo March 2, 2013

We look forward to seeing some of you this summer in the US whether at one of our temporary home locations, church meetings or individually meeting at your home or elsewhere.  
Here is our summer schedule and contact information: Pray for our safety in travels and for good renewal of contacts with family, friends & churches. Pray for all the preparations. 

Depart June 12 6:40 pm Taipei to ShangHai China 8:25 pm China Eastern Airlines overnight June 12, Depart ShangHai China 11:30 am on China Eastern Airlines arrive June 13 JFK about 2:36 pm, New York City, to Ephrata PA at Felaks 717-738-3025 (Tim, Barbara, Karen, Trisha & Nathan)

June 15 Travel to Butler to Lawsons (Barb's parents) 724-352-2983 (Tim, Barbara, Karen, Trisha & Nathan) (No internet connection at the Lawson Farm)
 At Westminster Pres. Butler, June 16: pastoral/missions prayer during 9:30 worship service, Sunday School on Following God's Model of Engaging the World with the Gospel (apologetics) at 11:00 am

Tim only leaves to Hilton Head Pres. Church June 21-24 (11:30 am departure from Pittsburgh airport arrive 3:00 pm at Savannah GA airport), Karen accompanies to Atlanta GA on same flight arriving 1:05 pm, then visits Janine at Covenant College by ground travel, returning with Tim on same flight from Atlanta, GA
staying with Mark & Joy Lawson 843-837-5885 At HHPC June 23 Minute for missions during service
June 24 Tim depart Savannah GA Airport 11:24 am, meet Karen at Atlanta GA Airport depart 1:15 pm, returning to Pittsburgh at 3:00 pm

Tim & Barbara travel (day trip) to College Hill, Beaver Falls June 19, 6:30-8:30 pm Chapel Pres Weekday fellowship ice cream, sharing about ministry, Q&A at Schidemantles,  contact

All (Tim, Barbara, Karen, Trisha & Nathan) travel to Wheaton IL to see Nat & Doug Hoffer Friday, June 28-July 5, staying at DVC Ministry Center Dormitory, Carol Stream IL Contact Nat Hoffer 717-364-4558  (Janine & Jonathan arrive separately)

July 5 Travel to State College PA, arriving late in evening, (Tim, Barbara, Karen, Trisha & Nathan) staying with Rick & Beth Betts, 1130 Cortland Drive, Lemont, PA 814-808-5429. Saturday, July 6Teach a seminar on God-centered biblical change process on Saturday, from 9 AM to noon and 1 PM to 4:30 PM with lunch included. Saturday evening after seminar, spending the evening with Pastor Dan Kiehl. Sunday, July 7: Preach at Oakwood PCA 10 AM worship service. Ministry update presentation at potluck meal after service. 

Travel to Vestal NY evening of July 7 to Yates (Tim's parents 607-785-7817) (Tim, Barbara, Karen, Trisha & Nathan; Jonathan arriving separately later in week)
July 14 preach at New Hope PCA Vestal NY, followed by Sunday school presentation

Travel to Ephrata PA to Felaks July 20 (and remain at Felaks until departure Aug 8 phone 717-738-3025), (Tim, Barbara, Jonathan, Karen, Trisha & Nathan)
Pick up Janine enroute at Harrisburg Airport 3:00 pm, ARRIVE at Felaks by 5 pm
July 21 morning at Providence PCA York PA,  present ministry during Sunday school 9:00 am, brief mission report in worship service 10:30 am
July 21 evening 6:00 pm at Carlisle Reformed Pres for ministry presentation 

Felaks in Nags Head July 21-28, so Yates family reunion that week Monday-Saturday July 22-27 (Nat & Doug return for week)

July 28 morning at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, 12:30 luncheon after second 10:50 am service.   
July 28 evening at Faith Church Worcester PA 5:30 pm dinner followed by missions report

August 4 morning at Reformed Pres Church Ephrata 9:30 am preach and 11:00 am Sunday school presentation following service
August 4 evening Westminster Pres Lancaster, meet with Great Commission Committee 5:30 pm, plus 20 minute mission report in 6:30 pm evening service
August 5 Janine departs 1:55 pm Harrisburg Airport back to Covenant College
August ___ Jonathan departs for CA, then Portland OR, returns separately to Taiwan Aug 11

Depart 3:25 pm from JFK New York City August 8, (Tim, Barbara, Karen, Trisha & Nathan) via ShangHai China on China Eastern Airlines, overnight Aug 9 in ShangHai, return to Taiwan Aug 10, 2:00 pm 

Jeff continues his full time job at a bilingual school teaching 4th grade science, history and math since mid-February. Val continues to work at JumpStart kindergarten full time, but has a new contract with Jumpstart for a new half-day preschool position starting in September which will allow her more time at home with Garrett & Savannah. Savannah is in Chinese preschool all day until the end of June. Garrett has been watched full time by Barb for most of April & May since Garrett's pre-school closed. For June & July, Garrett has a Bethany-Morrison student on summer break watching him at home. Due to work obligations, they will be staying in Taiwan for the summer so we will not be able to see everyone together this time home :>(  Savannah had a fever for several days that was found to be a UT/bladder infection that had her hospitalized from May 26 to 31 for IV antibiotics, but she recovered well, though the schedule made the week hard on everyone since someone had to be with her in the hospital all the time. 

Natalie continues in her full time job (since last Sept.) in Chicago/Wheaton area as a paralegal working at a law firm that does foreclosures.  She has advanced to learning some of the more difficult jobs beyond entry level. Doug finished his first full year of MDiv classes at Univ. of Chicago Divinity School. All of us who are in the US at that time will converge on Wheaton IL to visit them there this summer June 28-July 5.   

Jonathan received a Taiwan government sponsored Chinese studies scholarship program for a 3 month period so he plans to start those studies in September and hopefully with enable him to complete language requirements for his Wheaton International Relations major in addition to his existing Geology major. He hopes to stay here in Taiwan until May or June 2014. He enjoyed his trip to the Philippines with Karen's high school mission trip as one of the adult leaders from March 28-April 7 and was appointed group photographer, which he enjoyed. He flew to Portland OR on Sunday to visit the Wheaton classmates he went to South Africa with, then will visit his girlfriend Kaitlyn in Seattle WA, before joining us in Chicago IL to visit with Nat & Doug. He has been pushing me to do more bike riding together in preparation for a trip from the coast to Taiwan highest road peak at 3275 meters, so we have taken five longer rides on Saturdays to build up to it, plus we've both been riding bikes daily to work for the past two months. We accomplished our goal June 4-5 to ride through Taroko Gorge up to HeHuanShan National Forest Recreation Area in a total of about 14 hours of uphill riding (2 hours on June 4, 12 hours on June 5, followed by a return downhill coasting for about 3.5 hours back to Taroko Hostel, the last hour in total darkness with bike lights on!). The rest of the family (Barb, Karen, Trisha & Nathan) accompanied us to stay in the Taroko Gorge Hostel. (see more photos on my facebook)

Janine changed her major to Economics and Community Development at Covenant College, (Chattanooga TN area) during her sophomore year. This summer she got a job on campus with housekeeping (housing provided) with freedom to visit us when she wanted, so this was an ideal situation due to her needing a job with flexible time off to visit us and her not having a car.  

Karen's graduated from Morrison Academy on May 30 with Highest Honors. She was accepted at both Covenant and Wheaton Colleges (and will get to visit both campuses this summer), and was accepted for deferred enrollment at Wheaton. She plans to attend one or the other next year. Her plan is to serve 6 to 9 months at two locations in the Philippines (Boracay for English tutoring and Manila serving with Kids International Ministries) with with one of her high school classmates. She has raised about 1/2 her projected support need. It will be a directly arranged service opportunity (not a short term mission agency) since Morrison Academy high school student mission trips regularly go to these two sites.

Trisha ended her last semester of Chinese school, second grade about one month early on May 29. We took her out early due to family events (Karen's graduation, and our Taroko trip) and did not want her to get behind, then return for a few more days before we leave Wednesday June 12. Her teacher, principal and classmates were surprised at this unexpected change and that she would not be finishing the year, since we didn't tell them of our plans to transfer to Bethany until about 3 weeks ago. She did great in all subjects. She received the Exemplary 2nd Grade Student Award (one given for each grade) at an all school assembly a few weeks ago, which we were all happy about. She has been accepted at Morrison Academy Bethany campus 3rd grade starting August 12 (American Christian school system).  

Nathan was home schooled until Trisha's last day of school. He will start Bethany 1st grade on August 12 at the same time as Trisha. We expect the structured/scheduled, peer interactive school environment will help him to have a better learning attitude than the often unstructured home school schedule. 

Barbara & I were able to get away for a late anniversary trip to some scenic mountain spots south of Taipei on May 25-26. The actual anniversary date (May 13) was too busy to get away. (see more photos on my facebook)         


I finished the semester classes on Youth Counseling (16 students) and Trinitarian Theology (15 students) on May 17. Student final reports for Youth Counseling were interesting to hear, as they had to apply the things from class to a youth ministry type project and youth leader training project. I was encouraged that they had grasped the main ideas and applied them well in ministry contexts. Trinitarian Theology class student final papers on the doctrine of God in Romans should be interesting to read when I finally get to grading them. 

One counseling student finished her graduation thesis on the topic of dealing with singleness. We had graduation on Saturday for five students: three MDiv, one Biblical Counseling and one MA Christian Studies (one in absentia who had already returned to Malaysia). Two of the MDiv students are planning to do church planting. The Biblical Counseling graduate will return to eastern Malaysia (KuChing) to start a counseling center. Dr. Vern Poythress was our graduation speaker this year, while he is here with his wife Dr. Diane Poythress, as they both teach mini-classes (Vern teaching "Reformed Hermeneutics" for our ThM students, and Diane "How to Teach the Westminster Shorter Catechism" for MA/BTh students).  

I've also had several outside speaking or counseling opportunities over the past three months. One of our CRTS students invited me to speak about the resurrection for her youth group on March 30. On April 27 I also spoke from Hebrews 12:1-14 for the Family Counseling Center Spring Seminar about Caring for Widows & Widowers in the afternoon, while the morning talk was given by our Biblical counseling graduate from 2 years ago using her thesis on this topic for the seminar material. I also gave two of the Thursday evening talks for the FCC pre-marital counseling seminar on March 28 & April 11. I was invited to speak for a mission night at Grace Baptist Church English Section on March 3, where I met the pastor and realized his interest in studying biblical counseling and giving training in counseling for his church leaders. That led to me teaching a one day biblical counseling seminar called Be Thou My Vision: The Supremacy of God in Biblical Counseling for Grace Baptist Church English section (pastors and church leaders) on May 18 with about 25 in attendance. It was nice to be able to present in English. The pastor is very interested in me doing follow-up training when I return in the fall. I've had two marriage counseling cases in this time, as well counseling one married man. 

I have continued to work on my book project proposal for P&R called Be Thou My Vision: The Supremacy of God in Biblical Counseling. I printed out the basic contents of each chapter to see what I'm working with a little better and so I can use more hand-written ideas when they occur instead of waiting to type them up on computer. I've made a little progress since March, but with all that's been going on the past three months, I did not make significant progress. However, I continue to gather book resources and read related sources that will contribute to the research needed to write intelligently.    

The big project that many of you have been praying about was the Asian Theological Association accreditation process. The 62 page report was completed and emailed on March 30 to the ATA facilitators. The Visiting Evaluation Team (VET) came May 14-16, interviewed various groups of people and then gave their final report the last day to about 10 of us. The VET recommended accreditation without probation for five years for all the 6 degree programs we applied for: Bachelor of Theology, MA's in Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Studies and Biblical Counseling, and our Master of Divinity. For this we give thanks to God and to all those who have worked for so long to prepare for this first accreditation process, the CRTS faculty, Board and especially Dr. Andy McCafferty, the previous Academic Dean from 1996-2008, who kept working to improve CRTS with the knowledge of ATA standards guiding the process. The VET recommended about 34 areas to improve over the next 5 years, about 25 of which came from our own self-study report. In all it was a helpful growing process and also adds some significant pressure to continue to improve as well.

I'm planning an 11 day trip to three locations in China near the end of September to teach on marriage counseling, pastoral counseling and John's Gospel.