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Yates Report for Prayer, January 2017

Family News

Over Christmas break we enjoyed a nice several week visit from Barb’s sister Becca from the

Also we enjoyed Christmas break visits from our son Jonathan and his wife Kaitlyn on route back
from their Nepal International Agriculture Development internship to finish their last semester in
graduate school at UC Davis, and also our daughter Karen from her junior year at Wheaton College,
where she just finished her Urban Chicago off campus fall semester and internship (Christian
Ministry and Urban Studies). The four of us hiked up Jade Mountain, Taiwan’s tallest at 3952 meters
and had some beautiful weather for the two day trip.

Jonie has been offered a job with the Wonderful Company in Bakersfield CA, to begin in July after
graduation, which he is really excited about as his experience with them last summer for an
internship was very positive. Kaitlyn is hoping to secure a full time job with them in their
community education initiatives, similar to the internship she worked on last summer with the same
Wonderful Company. 

Karen is planning to travel in Europe for two months this summer with Wheaton’s European Youth
Hostel Ministry program volunteer serving and doing friendship evangelism with hostel guests. She
will be located in Amsterdam for her longest stay.

Jeff and Val and their kids are adjusting to the life and cold climate of Pittsburgh PA. Savannah is
doing well in her transition from 2 nd grade Chinese school in Taipei to 3 rd grade English school there.
Jeff works full time in human resources while Val is full time mom now with the crazy home life of
laughs, weariness and noise of three kids under 5!

Doug is completing his last year of PhD classes in Univ. Chicago Divinity School and was offered
an opportunity to teach a class at Wheaton, his alma mater. Natalie continues in her work as
executive assistant to Illinois State Representative Tom Morrison, which she enjoys.

Janine continues to take long hours with overtime pay at Kintetsu in the airfreight shipping division
and lives with Doug & Nat.

Trisha (6 th ) and Nathan (4 th ) are doing well in Morrison Academy, Taipei campus.

Barbara does about 10 hours of English tutoring each week and attends BSF women’s English Bible
study as well as keeping our family in good running order.

Ministry News

Over the summer I was able to adapt my Counseling Theology class into a first draft version of a
book called Be Thou My Vision: The Supremacy of God in Biblical Parenting. After feedback from family
and friends who looked over the draft, I decided to write a revised draft removing the parenting
material and focusing on explaining the new theology themes called Be Thou My Vision: The Supremacy
of God in Doxological Discipleship. I had initially thought publishing in English first would allow the
material to be professionally edited prior to seeking to have it translated. However, on further
consideration, my ministry is to the Chinese people and I need total copyright freedom to make the
material freely available to the Chinese in digital form. 

So I wrote a third revision specifically with the Chinese audience in mind, called 

Foundations: God's Glory as an Integrating Perspective on Reformed Theology

 as part of a planned Be Thou My Vision Series that will adapt my biblical counseling classes
into other application books (Parenting, Marriage, Pastoral Counseling, Marketplace Ministry,
Critique of Psych Theory). The draft book is being translated to Chinese now and should be
completed by March 2017. I also developed a new bilingual website at to
post digital versions of these resources in English (now available) and Chinese for free download as
well as the description of the total project vision. I will offer the translated manuscript to the
Reformed Press in Taipei and hopefully they will agree to publish the Chinese edition. I plan to
submit the English draft for a self-publishing process to CreateSpace and make printed copies of it
available on Amazon as a secondary ministry. Since I have so many Bible text references in the
book, I am experimenting with some other online software programs like E-Sword or theWord
Bible software that allow users to publish/upload English resources to resource websites that work
with these Bible programs. Both of these programs can also hyperlink text references to full pop-up
Bible texts when mousing over the text reference, but I need one that can do this for footnotes. It
seems E-sword hyperlink Bible texting will not work with MSWord.docx footnotes, but only with a
standard document page.

I just finished teaching a winter mini-class called “Reformed Faith and Life” January 5-24, a core
Practical Theology class required of all MA/MDiv level students. This was my second time teaching
the class and required some revisions for the second half of the class to shape the focus more to
study of the Ten Commandments as the doctrine of the Christian life. As such the class enrollment
is high, about 40 students, about ¼ of them taking the class by distance learning.
The faculty passed a revised version of a new Pastoral Studies Doctor of Ministry program that now
goes to the Executive board and then the Board for final approval, hopefully to start in the fall of
2017, which (if passed) will increase my teaching load by adding four D.Min. classes of these 15
program classes over a several year cycle. This new program has the goal to prepare new Practical
Theology faculty for future seminary teaching among the Chinese. 

I have a very busy spring international travel schedule: Jakarta Indonesia to teach Biblical Theology
and Counseling at International Reformed Theological Seminary for their Mainland Chinese student
section February 21-25; China April 3-8 to teach my Reformed Faith and Life class again there and
an invitation from one of our Hong Kong graduates to do a weekend seminar at his church May 5-7.
In addition I have my regular spring courses at CRTS Taipei: Biblical Theology and Counseling (3
credits), Parenting (2 credits), and Counseling Case Studies (1 credit), and hope to revise my
parenting class material to integrate with the Foundations book as lecture notes become the next
parenting application book.

Pray for the growth of capable servants for ministry among the Chinese through my ministry and
the ministry of CRTS. 

Summer in USA plans
Depart Taipei May 29 1:50 pm via Seoul Korea arrive LAX same day 3:30 pm
LAX depart 4:38 pm May 31 to ORD Chicago, arrive 10:42 pm same day

ORD depart for Pittsburgh June 6, 2:15 pm, arrive 4:42 pm
Probable church schedule (not confirmed in red below)
Hilton Head PC June 11 (5 minute missionary report in morning worship)
Chapel PC, Beaver PA June 18 (Sunday school report)
New Hope PC Vestal, NY June 25 Preaching & Sunday School (at Yates family in Vestal June 19-
Westminster PC Butler PA July 2
Yates Family Vacation Week June 30-July 9, (location in process)
Oakwood PC State College, PA July 9
Travel to Ephrata July 10-31 
Reformed PC Ephrata PA July 16 am, (preaching & mission luncheon) Westminster PC Lancaster
PA pm
LEFC July 23 am Faith Church Worcester PA, pm
Providence PC July 30 am, Carlisle RPC pm, drive back to Butler/Pittsburgh pm
Pittsburgh depart Tuesday August 1, 5:36 pm, arrive ORD Chicago 6:07 pm
ORD depart Wednesday August 2, 5:28 pm, arrive LAX 8:01 pm
LAX (leave for airport Wednesday night Aug 9) depart Thursday August 10, 12:20 am, arrive
Friday August 11, 12:40 pm in Taipei