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Yates Prayer Memo August 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013

I wanted to send a brief update here at the end of our summer in the US to remind you to pray for all the transitions ahead:


First we enjoyed seeing our stateside children over a week in Chicago and a week in Ephrata, along with relatives in Hilton Head SC, Pittsburgh PA and Vestal, NY. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know Jonathan's girlfriend Kaitlyn during our family week in Ephrata. You might enjoy a laugh over our silly "Kung Fu Fighting" music video that was the family project for one of our fun days together, posted on Janine's Facebook, but also a link on my page. Thanks to Jonie and Kaitlyn for doing the fine editing job to make the movie! Also had fun playing a little guitar with my brother Keith at his house, with a 45 second video clip posted on my sister Laura's facebook, but also linked to mine. Another new family event during our family week was our own Yates rendition of the reality cooking TV show "Chopped" complete with four 2-person teams for a hummus and an entree (Trisha & me, Nat & Doug, Jonie & Kaitlyn, Janine & Karen), assigned ingredients, time limits, with the best two teams (Jonie & Kaitlyn, Janine & Karen) going on to the final dessert round, judged in first round by Barbara, then final round by Nat, Doug & I, with Chopped winners Janine & Karen! 

We missed having Val, Jeff, Savannah & Garrett, who had to remain in Taiwan for the summer due to work. Jeff starts a new afternoon-evening job at Big-Byte cram school in late August teaching English, while Val transitions to a new 1/2 time pre-school program at her same work place with JumpStart.

Doug starts his last year at University of Chicago Divinity School and starts applying for PhD programs. Nat continues to work as a paralegal.

Jonathan returns to Taiwan for tutoring, substitute teaching and enjoying a new Taiwan Economic & Cultural Affairs Office -New York scholarship to study Mandarin at Taiwan Teacher's College for the fall. He may be applying to grad school in international agriculture at USC Davis for next fall, hoping for a scholarship/fellowship that will pay most of his way. Kaitlyn left yesterday for a year in Peru to work with girls sports enrichment programs. They plan to visit each other in their respective countries in December & January.  

Janine visited with us for three weeks this summer, and also works at Covenant College in housekeeping until the regular semester starts in the fall. She is contemplating adjusting her college major.

Karen is only 1 month short of what she needs for her Manila Philippines mission gap year to begin in late August or early September, working with Kids International Ministries Josie Angel Zone Girls group home, tutoring, and the orphanage, with other flexible options with some of their various other. ministries 

Trisha & Nathan have enjoyed freedom to run around outside all summer in the cool weather. They start 3rd and 1st grade respectively on Monday Aug 12. We still have to figure out how to get them to school and back and a adequate lunch system. Its not far away (only 2 miles) and plenty of public transportation, but they lack maturity and experience for traveling alone. 

Barbara will be volunteering some at Trisha and Nathan's school, be involved in BSF, and trying to figure out what else . First a rest is in order! 

The summer plans to visit churches and individuals fell into place as scheduled without any problems. All our travels were without incident, our rental min-van worked well and God's protection was enjoyed. 

We fly back to Taiwan via an overnight in ShangHai tomorrow, departing JFK, NYC at 3:25 pm, so we begin driving around 8:30 am. 

I'll probably return to seminary office work on Monday, and will need to get some DVD grading done this week, planning for the fall student retreat, fall Counseling Theology class, along with starting to prepare for my China trip near the end of Sept to teach marriage counseling, pastoral counseling and John's Gospel in three different house church locations with very long class days in each place (6-8 hrs/day). I'll need to select old & prepares new notes so they can be fully translated for these groups, whose English is not so good. Most of my old notes for Taiwan teaching are just given in English. Also the China classes will conflict with the first two weeks of CRTS Taiwan classes, so I will either need to reschedule one/two classes and/or do pre-recorded videos for the classes. Also we have new student admissions interviews on Aug 21. 

Also I will be re-connecting with Grace Baptist Church English section to see what further counseling training they might want, as well as preaching several times in Aug-Sept in several churches.

Keep us in your prayers in these matters, that in all things we will bring glory to God, rest in the Gospel that brings freedom and be faithful in the tasks before us.