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Tim Yates Resume




Jing Feng St, Lane 48, Alley 11, #7, 3F, Taipei 11687 TAIWAN   ph: 011-886-22-2930-3975 email: 

MINISTRY GOAL: Teach, preach, counsel and write about God’s Word to transform international & Chinese Christians into Christ’s likeness and attract non-Christians from all nations to seek fellowship with the Triune God


Started a sole-proprietor publishing company called Unveiled Faces Reformed Press in Lancaster, PA (2017-present) and a digital platform promotion and sales sites at and another website for free distribution of my Chinese translated books, study guides and other material at   

Academic Dean of China Reformed Theological Seminary, Taipei Taiwan, 2008-present: faculty coordinator for all courses; prepare faculty meeting agenda and administrate faculty decisions; co-ordinate new faculty recruitment; promotion & new student recruitment, admissions committee; oversee three office staff using spoken Mandarin, reading Chinese; interview and recommend new staff to Admin. Committee; insure handbook regulations are followed; student academic oversight; drafting core values and mission statements, 5 year plan, report to board; edit and layout the bi-lingual board handbook; wrote the faculty handbook; oversee the Asian Theological Association accreditation process; building upgrading and maintenance proposals, oversee 2nd floor library-student center remodeling project including project proposal, interior design with architect, fund raising, final furnishings and decorations; serve on the following committees: all school committee, missions; seminars and mini-course teaching in Chinese in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  CRTS, Nanjing East Rd Sec. 4, Alley 75, No. 30, Taipei, Taiwan ph 011-886-22-718-1110

Executive Director, Chinese Family Counseling Center, 2004-present, supervising FCC Director, plan bi-annual Saturday seminars on topics of family interest, teach one session at each seminars, direct the topics chosen for the Chinese Journal of Biblical Counseling, developed the FCC counseling certificate program and taught 1/3 of the 24 hrs of classes in Chinese.

Dean of the CRTS M.A. Biblical Counseling program 2001-present; teach core & elective counseling courses in Chinese (6 credit hours/semester: Counseling Theology, Biblical Theology & Counseling, Critiquing Psychological Theories, Pastoral Counseling; Marriage Counseling; Premarital Counseling; Parenting; Youth Counseling; Marketplace Ministry; Counseling Case Studies); supervise counseling interns; supervise M.A. & B.Th. counseling student theses, writing books related to classes taught.

Master’s level teaching Old & New Testament courses with China Reformed Theological Seminary 1998-present, (Courses taught: OLD TESTAMENT: Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, Daniel; NEW TESTAMENT: Luke-Acts, John’s Gospel, Galatians, 1 John, Revelation; THEOLOGY: John’s Theology; New Testament Theology, Trinitarian Theology; PRACTICAL THEOLOGY: Reformed Faith & Life; Christian Education, Preaching, Leadership Principles; teaching in Chinese).

Missionary in Taipei, Taiwan, with Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries, 2002-present: serving as an ordained teaching elder laboring out of bounds under the Presbyterian Church in America's Susquehanna Valley Presbytery (central PA); missionary support raising, reporting our work to US supporters and churches though email, develop and maintain ministry website  publication of the CRTS Annual Report, and personal visits.

Dean of the CRTS M.A. Christian Studies Distance Learning program 2008-2017: preparation of revised DVD syllabus; write explanatory introduction to distance learning material; communicating with distance students; grading DVD homework; oversee one homework grader; oversee main co-worker who oversees recording systems hardware, online live educational system software, DVD recording of all MA level classes, conversion to .wmv and .mp3 formats, burning & mailing DVDs to registered students.

Senior Pastor, Friendship Presbyterian Church English Section, 2002-2009: Responsible for weekly preaching, general church administration, supervise of church staff (Church Administrator, part-time interns), wrote confession of faith for church and help develop constitution, write curriculum for and teach new members class & conduct membership interviews, small group leader, training elders & deacons, oversee Sunday worship teams, church website development & maintenance, hospitality, retreat leading, counseling, conduct weddings & funerals. (avg. about 60 members on roll, avg. 125 Sunday am.) Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 3, Lane 269 #5, Taipei 10647 Taiwan 011-886-22-362-1395  (We still attend as members there)

Missionary in Taipei, Taiwan, with China Ministries International, 1996-2001: Responsible for pastoral and diaconal care of international missionary students, teaching, discipleship-counseling and leadership training in Taiwan. Editing and writing articles about the Chinese Church for the English CMI publication (published 6 times annually), The China Prayer Letter. Preaching in local churches. Offering seminars & classes for colleges and churches on Illustrated Doxological Bible Application. Bible study leader at Tanchiang University with undergraduate students, 1997-1998; CMI-US, PO BOX 40489, PASADENA, CA, 91114-7489 ph. 818-398-0145 FAX 818-398-2361; CMI-Taiwan, PO Box 366, Peitou 112 Taiwan 2896-5713

Counselor trainer at Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ephrata, PA (PCA) 1994-1996 part-time: Responsible for writing and implementing a training program to equip elders for teaching, counseling and pastoral care using the Bible for personal growth and for ministry to others. RPC, 21 EAST LOCUST ST EPHRATA PA 17522    ph. 717-733-0462

Missionary teacher with Mission to the World/IMPACT at Christ's College, Taipei, Taiwan,1991-1994: Responsible for teaching English Conversation, Composition (section leader), and Speech in the classroom with student discipleship and counseling, basketball coaching and Bible study leading responsibilities outside the classroom. Started Mandarin Chinese studies. Regular preaching, slide shows and missions speaking in churches.   MTW, PO BOX 29765 ATLANTA GA 30359-0765      ph. 404-320-3373

Minister to Children and Youth at Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ephrata, PA (PCA) 1987-1991: Responsible for all adult and children's Sunday School ministries, teaching, preaching, curriculum writing, youth ministry director, pastoral visitation and evangelism of teens and adults, house church and prayer meeting leader.

Youth Minister at Holy Family Institute, Pittsburgh, PA (Roman Catholic) 1984-86: Responsible for total Protestant Christian education programs as teacher, curriculum writer, slide show developer, counselor, relational evangelist and preacher for these neglected and abused children (ages 8-18) and the adult staff. 

Youth Minister at Trinity Presbyterian Church, (now called First Presbyterian Church) Beaver Falls, PA (United Presbyterian) 1982-84 part-time: Responsible for teen youth group meetings, counseling youth, teaching Sunday School, training additional youth staff, song leading/guitar playing, organizing retreats, communicating with parents and pastor.

Wilderness Backpacking Trip Instructor for Youth Guidance Inc., (now called Family Guidance) Sewickley, PA 1981-83 summers: Responsible for safety of inner-city troubled teens over ten day trips, teaching camping skills, rock-climbing, cave exploring, training additional trip leaders, counseling and evangelism of teens.

Assistant Director of Geneva College Community Youth Movement for Christ  (now called Tiger Pause Youth Ministry) 1982-84 (volunteer): Responsible for oversight of all ministry teams, designing student training program, small group discipleship, student counseling, preaching and teaching, leader of weekly Juvenile Home Evangelism team.


PhD student (dissertation only) in Theology-Apologetics enrolled at NorthWest University, South Africa, dissertation evaluating the literature on integration of psychology and Christianity, and developing biblical principles for engaging the psychological worldview and its concepts from a presuppositional apologetic perspective (2018-present)

Doctor of Ministry in Counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia PA (1994-1997) 

Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia PA (1986-1989) 3.22 avg.

Master of Religious Education studies at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA (1985-1986) 21 credits 3.53 avg.

B.S. Biblical Studies/B.A. Counseling from Geneva College, Beaver Falls PA (1980-1984) 3.80 avg. summa cum laude


Mandarin Chinese Language Study part-time with private tutor, Taipei, Taiwan (1991-1994, 1997-1998)

CMI Missionary Training Program, Christianity & China Research Center, Taipei, Taiwan (1996-1997)

Missionary Internship-Cross Cultural Training Program, Detroit, MI (3 weeks in summer 1991)

Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America with a call to college teaching in Taiwan (June 1990, laboring out of bound of the Susquehanna Valley Presbytery, PA- present)


Foundations: God’s Glory as an Integrating Perspective on Reformed Theology. (Be Thou My Vision Series; Lancaster, PA, Unveiled Faces Reformed Press, 2017), 240 pages. Digital versions and study guides at  or printed at 
Also translated 神的榮耀--整合改革宗神學觀的根基 作者: 葉提多 出版社: 主榮歸正生活出版社 (295 pages). Simplified Chinese character version PDF free at  Printed traditional Chinese character version distributed by

Journal of Biblical Counseling (all translated to Chinese, published by the Family Counseling

Vol 1, Feb 2005: “What is Biblical Counseling?” “Eleven Principles for Biblical Counseling” pp. 4-7

Vol 2, July 2005 “Comfort from God for Single Parents Psalm 23” pp. 17-23

Vol 3, Jan 2006: “Sex Education and Psalm 16” pp. 1-7; “What’s Wrong with Pornography?” pp. 8-14

Vol 4, July 2006: “Kids’ School Grades and the Gospel” pp. 1-5

Vol 5, Jan 2007: “Pre-Marital Counseling for Your Adult Children” pp. 1-6

Vol 6, July 2007: “Let the Children Come to Me: Mark 10:13-16” pp. 1-7

Vol 7, Jan 2008: “Building a Christian Marriage that will Last: Hebrews 3” pp. 2-9

Vol 8, July 2008: “Introduction to Biblical Counseling” pp. 1-6

Vol 9, Feb 2009: “Family of Origin from a Gospel Perspective” pp. 2-5

Vol 10, July 2009: “A Biblical View of Other’s Expectations” pp. 2-7

Vol 11, Jan 2010: “Ten Signs of Sickness and Health in Dating or Engaged Relationship” pp. 2-6

Vol 13, Feb 2011: “God’s Providential Goal in Marriage: Strengthening Your Faith by Trials” pp. 10-12

Vol 14, Aug 2011: “James’ Preparations for the Joys and Trials of Growing Old” pp. 2-6

Vol 17, Jan 2013: “Renewing Our Commitment to Marriage compared with Homosexuality” pp. 4-10

Vol 18, July 2013: “Hebrews 12 Encouragements & Warning Facing Loss of Spouse” pp. 7-10

Vol 19, March 2014: “Depression Related Counseling” pp. 2-4

Vol 21, January 2015: “Mercy & Care for the Homosexually Tempted” pp. 4-8

Vol 22, July 2015: “Counseling Kids in the E-generation” “Counseling from Themes in Colossians”

Vol 23, January 2016: “Problems of Self-Deception in Religious Self-Identity from James”

Vol. 24, July 2016: “Imaging the Attributes of God in our Internet Use from Ephesians”

Vol. 25, January 2017: “Biblical Reflections on AIDS and God’s Purposes” and “Using Time Wisely from Ephesians 5:16”

Vol. 26, July 2017: "Romans: An Eternal Perspective on Work"

Vol 27, January 2018 "A Biblical Perspective on Suffering with Dementia"

Vol 28, July 2018: "God-Centered Counsel in the Book of Job"

Vol. 29, January 2019 : "Model of Evangelism for Outsiders: 1 Cor. 14:23-26 in context of mute idol Worship 1 Cor. 12:2"


China Reformed Theological Seminary

Winter 2011 (translated to Chinese): “A Biblical Perspective on Suffering in the World” pp. 1-3; “Vision for CRTS from Psalm 111” pp. 4-5

Spring 2012 (translated to Chinese): “Biblical Counselor Qualifications for Properly Critiquing Psychological Theories” pp. 1-9

Spring 2013: “A Summary of Westminster Confession Theological Themes,” pp. 2-7

Summer 2013: “Defining Denominational Differences and Comparing with 1 Corinthians 1-4, Part 1,” pp. 1-4

Fall 2014: “Denominations, NT Essentials and Acceptance in Minor Differences, Part 2,” pp. 2-7

Spring 2015: “Six Solas of Reformation Christianity” pp. 4-12.

Summer 2015: “Five Christ-Imaging Mandates” pp. 1-4

Fall 2015: Vision for a Reformed Movement

Spring 2016: The Church and Marketplace Ministry

Fall 2017: Topical Symphonic Theology


“Friendship Presbyterian Church Membership Class Booklet” (developed 9 membership vows and the biblical proof texts to support those vows to be used in the new member’s class)

Sharing in Christ’s Sufferings, booklet based on Philippians 3:7-11 (translated to Chinese, self-published by Family Counseling Center 2004 in Chinese)

From Glory into Glory: Illustrated Christ-Centered Bible Application, (self published, from revised and abridged D.Min. project) 2005, 146 pages

“Friendship Presbyterian Church Confession of Faith” (for church constitution of English Section, 2000)

Doxological Counselor Training: Mapping an Applied Systematic Theology as an Aid for a Counselor Hermeneutic, submitted as a project for the Doctor of Ministry in Counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary, May 1997, 346 pages  (available for free download at )

“Hope for Real Change: A Bible Teaching Model for Ministry” in The Christ's College Annual 1994, pp. 131-165

“Parents as Faith-Repentance Models for their Kids” in Highway News and Good News, May p.6-7 and June p. 6-7, 1995


Age: 56 Health: excellent Married 1984 to Barbara (age 56)

Children: Valerie (33) and son-in-law Jeff Jones (31), grandchildren Savannah (10) and Garrett (6), Blake (4) Evangeline (2)

Natalie (30) and son-in-law Doug Hoffer (31), grandson Brandt, born Sept 21, 2018

Jonathan (29) and daughter-in-law Kaitlyn (LeBaudor 29), 

Janine (25), Karen (23), Trisha (13), Nathan (11)