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Tim Yates' Counseling & Ministry Articles

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Be Thou My Vision Series: Foundations: God's Glory as an Integrating Perspective on Reformed Theology11/14/20162.32 MBDownload
Be Thou My Vision: The Supremacy of God in Doxological Discipleship10/1/20161.53 MBDownload
Be Thou My Vision: The Supremacy of God in Biblical Parenting10/1/20161.93 MBDownload
Problems of Self-Deception in Religious Self-Identity in James10/24/201522.72 KBDownload
Parenting in God's Covenant Image: Christ's Derivative Attributes formed in Children10/24/20151.36 MBDownload
Vision for Building a Reformation Movement7/28/201532.27 KBDownload
12 Tests for Sickness & Health in Dating Relationships6/2/201578.50 KBDownload
Theological Themes in 1 Timothy + generosity 6:17-19 + case studies5/23/201581.25 KBDownload
Redeeming the Time: Ephesians 5:18 E-Generation talk5/23/201524.95 KBDownload
Theological Themes in Colossians + Sermon from 3:1-45/23/201593.52 KBDownload
Themes of the Reformed Life: Five Christ Imaging Mandates5/23/2015397.96 KBDownload
Six Solas of Reformation Faith5/23/201558.12 KBDownload
Parenting in God's Covenant Image4/26/2015803.88 KBDownload
Sexual Ethics seminar3/15/201456.50 KBDownload
Honor Marriage Seminar3/15/201430.36 KBDownload
Building a Biblical Meta-Narrative for Counseling12/6/2013982.50 KBDownload
Basic Counseling Theology Illustration12/6/2013891.43 KBDownload
Part 1. Defining Denominational Differences Compared with 1 Cor 1-412/6/201350.00 KBDownload
Part 2. Denominations, NT Essentials & Acceptance in Minor Differences12/6/201348.00 KBDownload
The Joys & Trials of Work. Ecclesiastes 38/4/201359.50 KBDownload
Discovering Riches in Ecclesiastes7/31/2013114.65 KBDownload
God's Attributes as a jewel3/5/2013113.00 KBDownload
Integrated Chart of Theological Themes3/5/201359.00 KBDownload
Sin and Gospel Change4/1/2012219.00 KBDownload
Justified by Resurrection, all of Christ's person & work credited4/1/201246.89 KBDownload
Basic Gospel Themes for Counseling4/1/201259.00 KBDownload
Counselor qualifications to evaluate the role of psychology3/24/201292.00 KBDownload
Acts 20 Sermon Outline10/16/201156.50 KBDownload
Theological Themes in Luke-Acts10/16/201154.50 KBDownload
Anger & Remedies in James4/4/2011164.24 KBDownload
A Biblical Perspective on Suffering in the World4/3/2011217.44 KBDownload
Sin, Repentance & Renewal Illustration11/21/201036.00 KBDownload
Counseling Theology parallels Counseling Process11/4/201027.50 KBDownload
Counseling worksheet11/4/201031.00 KBDownload
Biblical Counseling Theology Outline11/4/201063.00 KBDownload
Introduction to Biblical Counseling8/29/2010117.56 KBDownload
Trinitarian WORK reflected in Christian Family8/29/2010213.02 KBDownload
True Kingdom Living vs. Legalism8/29/2010403.84 KBDownload
Trinitarian WORK reflected in Christian Marriage8/29/2010230.80 KBDownload
Trinitarian Intimacy reflected in Christian Family8/29/2010205.71 KBDownload
Trinitarian Family & Christian Family8/29/2010178.03 KBDownload
Trinitarian Enjoyment in Christian Family8/29/2010209.51 KBDownload
Team WORK & PLAY in Marriage8/29/2010177.17 KBDownload
Team REST in Parenting8/29/2010186.58 KBDownload
Team REST in Marriage8/29/2010185.58 KBDownload
Shadows of Heaven on Earth sermon outline8/29/2010127.12 KBDownload
Richard Baxter's Core Theological Themes for Counseling8/29/201050.30 KBDownload
Pornography's Lies compared with Real Marital Intimacy8/29/2010120.95 KBDownload
Tim Yates' Statement of Faith8/29/2010198.51 KBDownload
Misuse of New Identity in Christ in Counseling8/29/2010203.78 KBDownload
Renewing Your Attitude to Your Spouse8/29/201063.02 KBDownload
How to Help Spouse Change8/29/201043.54 KBDownload
How to Help Kids Change8/29/201043.50 KBDownload
How the Bible Applies to Parenting8/29/2010125.22 KBDownload
Honor Marriage Hebrews 13:48/29/2010147.36 KBDownload
God's Perspective on the evil Joseph Faced Genesis 45, 508/29/2010116.84 KBDownload
Gospel Perspective on Family of Origin8/29/201099.17 KBDownload
Family Life in God illustration8/29/2010131.51 KBDownload
Defining Believers as God's Project8/29/2010147.36 KBDownload
Responsible Fulfillment of Expectations on You8/29/201013.11 KBDownload
Core Themes for Counseling Theology8/29/201097.83 KBDownload
11 Presuppositions for Biblical Counseling8/29/2010139.46 KBDownload
Counseling Abused People8/29/2010136.69 KBDownload
A Married Man's Protection from Sexual Temptation8/29/2010109.87 KBDownload
1 Corinthians 7:3-5 and preventing affairs8/29/201079.67 KBDownload