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Purposes for Friends of CRTS


CRTS, Taipei, Taiwan

Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries is a US non-profit organization that supports Chinese Reformed Theological seminaries.  We have three specific ways in which we do this:
  1. We provide financial support to various Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries for specific projects such as the purchase of library books or teacher training.  We also support the mission work of CRTS in the mainland, the Family Counseling Center, Christ's College and the Chinese Reformed Press.
  2. We seek to obtain property or to raise endowment funds for small Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries.  Property or funds are transferred to a seminary when the seminary has progressed to the point which allows it to operate and maintain a stable, Reformed, financially sound Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary. From 2003-2015, we gave a twelve year support commitment to provide CRTS with $20,000 per year to help pay for their campus in Taipei. (Building entrance pictured above)
  3. We support ordained missionaries who have a call from a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary.  Currently we have four such missionaries: Dr. Andrew McCafferty, Dr. Timothy Yates, Dr. Toon Yeo and Dr. Moses Wong.  Two are teaching full time at CRTS in Taiwan.
Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2001 to give US friends an opportunity to support the missionary teachers, the work of Reformed Theological Seminaries training Chinese leaders and other Reformed educational ministries among the Chinese people.
All your gifts are 100% tax-deductible, with no administrative fees taken out of your support!
Our vision is to establish healthy Reformed ministries staffed with qualified, theologically Reformed leaders who can reproduce Reformed pastors and biblical counselors.
Our doctrinal standards are the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, and Heidelberg Catechism.