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Board Meeting Minutes June 2018



      Location:  Marietta Room, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

      Members Present:  TE Dr. Andy Silman, RE Mark Thompson, Mrs. Tom (Sheila) Govan, via ZOOM      

      Conferencing: Mrs. Glen (Julie) McDougall

      Others Present:  TE Dr. Andrew McCafferty

      Members Excused:  Dr. Guy Waters; RE C. B.




1.       The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Andy Silman at 1:00pm.  Dr. Silman encouraged the Board with the sure hope that Christ is with us, even to the end of the age, citing Scriptures from Matthew 28: 18 – 20, Luke 24: 50 – 53, Romans 8: 28 – 30 and Philippians 2 and I Peter 1:8.  He spoke of the amazing work of Christ in and though us.  Following the devotional, Dr. Silman opened the business portion of the meeting in prayer.

2.       There were no guests present at this meeting.

3.       It was moved by RE Mark Thompson, seconded by Mrs. Glen McDougall and unanimously decided that Dr. Silman be re-elected as Chairman of the Board.   Following, it was moved by Mrs. Tom Govan, seconded by Mrs. Glen McDougall and unanimously decided that RE Mark Thompson be elected as Vice-Chairman of the Board.

4.       It was moved by RE Mark Thompson and seconded by Mrs. Tom Govan that the meeting agenda be approved.

5.       By consent, the minutes for the 2017 Board Meeting were approved with editorial amendments.


1.       Acting Executive Director, TE Dr. Andy Silman deferred his report to TE Dr. Andrew McCafferty.

2.       Asia Director, TE Dr. Andrew McCafferty reported that overall, the Seminary is doing well. He reminded the Board of the strengths of the Seminary, having five well-functioning organizations working competently together.  He did caution about weakness that need to be considered, including keeping teachers focused on the work of the Seminary, continuing to build a strong financial base and training the younger generation to assume leadership roles in the future. Dr. McCafferty continued by sharing details regarding the RTF Press, which now has nine workers printing almost 50,000 books a year.  The Family Counseling Center, with Lily Zheng as an able leader, continues working with students and women in the area. FCC has over 1,000 women on their informational lists and readily has seventy or more women at conferences.  Next, Dr McCaffery reported on CRTS.TV, which is locally known as RTV or Taiwan Reformed TV. The channel is watched over 180,000 minutes a year with a strong YouTube and Facebook following.  He expressed the ongoing need for administrative help, encouraging the Board to consider hiring a part-time administrator. He shared that CRTS.TV has begun some fundraising with some success.  He spoke of the need for long-term commitments and the possibility of a cooperative arrangement between the Seminary and CRTS.TV.  He then addressed the health of the Hong-En Church, which has experienced an annual growth and has added new elders and staff members.  He shared that there are now four church plants.  Dr. McCafferty indicated that he will continue to work with the East Asia Ministry, citing mutual language and ease of travel as strengths in that process.  The strengths and challenges of working with CARTS were then shared. The CRTS Board is considering ways to be involved in CARTS. The Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS) has begun a long-distance learning program in conjunction with CRTS.  Dr. McCafferty expressed the hope that other United States seminaries might also become involved in CRTS in this way.  Dr. McCafferty then shared information regarding Christ College and several possibilities for CRTS becoming involved with Christ College.  He indicated that several criteria needed to be considered and met before any decisions were made. Finally, Dr. McCafferty asked Board to continue to pray for him for wisdom in all these areas.

3.       Mrs. Glen McDougall gave her financial reports via ZOOM Conferencing, sharing with the Board many of the issues she deals with throughout the year.  Her report was approved with the addition of a $2,500 increase to Dr. McCaffery’s fund. Mark Thompson suggested that the Board investigate the possibility of a “Dropbox” or other cloud account to store and share financial records for FCRTS.

Missionary Reports and Financial Applications

1.  Tim Yates’ missionary report was received, discussed and his application for financial support was approved.

2.  Toon Yeo’s missionary report was received, discussed and his application for financial support was approved.

3.  Moses Wong had no missionary report, but his financial application was received, discussed and approved. 

4.  Andrew McCafferty’s report was received, discussed and his application for financial support, including a $2, 500 increase for the support of a Reformed Hymnal and Psalter, was approved.

 Dr. McCafferty encouraged the Board to pray for all the missionaries throughout the year.

Old Business

1.       As MohHerng Chee is beginning his seminary work in the United States in August, it was moved by RE Mark Thompson, seconded by Mrs. Tom Govan and approved by common consent that acting Executive Director Dr. Andy Silman and Dr. Andrew McCafferty work with the Seminary Board on a plan to transfer the agreed upon support to MohHerng Chee in a way that best stewards the resources he is being given.  It was decided by common consent that the funds be given two times per year. 

2.       It was determined by common consent to readdress the decreased funding to CRTS.TV at the 2019 Board Meeting.

New Business

1.       It was moved by Mrs. Tom Govan, seconded by RE Mark Thompson and approved with no objections that the previously agreed upon support for MohHerng Chee begin no later than January 2019.        

2.       The Board discussed searching for a new Executive Director, including the consideration of remuneration for the position.  The Board agreed that Dr. Andy Silman and Mr. Andrew McCafferty serve as a committee, seek out a possible candidate and make recommendations to the Board.

      3.. Additionally, after discussing a number of areas from which to seek candidates, the Board determined that concurrently Dr. Silman and Dr McCafferty also begin the search process for new Directors.     

3.       After discussion regarding FCRTS working with the PCA on missions to East Asia, it was moved by Mrs. Tom Govan and seconded by RE Mark Thompson that Dr. McCafferty approach CB and TM to initiate a meeting regarding cooperative work in the area.

4.       It was approved by common consent that Dr. Guy Waters and Dr. McCafferty develop guidelines under which the Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary would consider a cooperative arrangement with Christ College in Taiwan. 

5.       It was decided by common consent that the 2019 Budget be approved by email following determination of the means of funding for MohHerng Chee and the funding for CRTS.TV. 


Points were raised regarding the Board not meeting in conjunction with the PCA General Assembly in the future.  As this would necessitate a change in by-laws, it was determined that the Board consider carefully when and where it should meet, It was suggested that the Board consider meeting in conjunction with other meetings regarding missions in East Asia.  It was moved by RE Mark Thompson, seconded by Mrs. Tom Govan and approved by general consent that the Board consider other options for meeting in 2019.  The decision will be determined by email.  As a result, no Board meeting is scheduled for 2019.

Following a brief sharing of prayer requests, the meeting was closed in prayer by Dr. Andy Silman at 4:34pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. Tom Govan

June 20, 2018