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Board Meeting Minutes June 2014



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2014 Board Meeting Minutes



Date:  June 16, 2014

Location:  Christ the King Presbyterian Church 1201 Silber Road, Houston, TX 77055

Members Present:  TE J. Scott Lindsay, Mrs. Glenn (Julie) McDougall, Dr. Andrew Silman, Dr. Paul Taylor, RE Mark Thompson, Mrs. Robert (Linda) Wohleber, Member and Secretary-Elect Mrs. Tom (Sheila) Govan and TE Ken Woo (via Skype).  Drs. Silman and Taylor arrived late due to flight delays.


Other Present:  TE Andrew McCafferty, Mrs. Andrew (Priscilla) McCafferty, Rev. Toon Yeo


Reverend Lindsay called the meeting to order and opened with prayer at 1:00pm.  The devotional was delayed until Reverend Taylor arrived.  Upon his arrival, he spoke on John 14:27, emphasizing the peace which we receive from the three Persons of the Godhead, especially the peace of Christ which is spread abroad for us, enabling us to have peace despite our circumstances.  He spoke of the peace not only coming from God but granting us peace with God.  He also reminded us of the trials of Christ and that we will be similarly tried, but that the peace of God remains with us during this trials and helps us triumph over them, temporary and eternally.


The minutes from the 2013 board meeting were approved and the email votes from 2013-2014 were ratified.



  1. Executive Director’s Report:

    Reverend Ken Woo presented the Executive Director’s Report.  He noted that FCRTS seems to have made significant progress financially over the past year.  The building payments to CRC are almost completed and he projects a budget surplus each year for the next five years.  The report was received with joy and thanks.


  2. Asia Director’s Report

    Dr. Andy McCafferty presented the Asia Director’s Report.  He outlined some difficulties CRTS experienced during the last year, which ultimately led to his being elected as chairman of that board.  He feels he will be able to handle the Chairman’s position as he will soon be replaced as the Director of the Reformed Press.  His report was received with thanks.


  3. Financial Report

    Julie McDougall shared a concern that the Quarterly Expense Reports from the missionaries are not being submitted regularly.  Often they are not submitted at all unless there are expenses for which they are seeking reimbursement.  She reminded the Board that the reports are due each quarter and that we are legally required to have that documentation.  Andy M. offered to remind the missionaries to comply and agree that it might be helpful for Julie to send out a reminder email on a quarterly basis.  Julie also raised the question of what action to take regarding bad checks from donors.  After some discussion, it was agreed that the money needed to pay any fees be taken from the general fund.  Her report was received.


  4. Election of Officers

    Pending discussion of her nomination and possible election as secretary, Sheila Govan recused herself from the room.  Discussion over her nomination ensued.  The Board thanked Linda Wohleber for her long and faithful service to FCRTS, accepted her resignation and voted to elect Sheila Govan as her replacement.


    Mark Thompson moved that the remaining office holders be re-elected to their current positions.  The motion was seconded and unanimously agreed upon.  The officers are:  Chairman:  Andy Silman; Vice-Chairman:  Scott Lindsay; Treasurer:  Julie McDougall. 


    New Business

  1. A motion by Mark Thompson that Andy Silman and Andy McCafferty represent FCRTS on   the CRTS Board was seconded and approved.


  2. It was agreed upon that Dean Ulrich be given until August 1st to submit all receipts for reimbursement.  Any funds left in his account after that time will revert to the General Fund.


  3. It was moved, seconded and approved unanimously that $1134 be donated to CRTS to help purchase Dean Ulrich’s library.


  4. A motion to establish a permanent internal fund to aid in church planting by FCRTS was made, seconded and unanimously approved.  This is a new ministry of FCRTS.  This internal fund will received any FCRTS funds which are undesignated or any monies which are specifically designated for church planting.  Members of the denomination in Taipei will establish a committee of church planters and oversee the direction of these funds according to their determination of need.


  5. A motion to provide Moherng Chee with support of $8,000 US pending monies being available through donations to FCRTS was made, seconded and passed unanimously.


  6. Kin Lam’s application to serve as FCRTS missionary was determined not to be properly before the board, absent a formal request from CRTS.  Thus the application was neither received nor discussed. 


  7. The 2015 Budget was presented and discussed.  It was decided that Andy McCafferty’s $5,000 US remain in his account and not be transferred.  After this change, the 2015 budget was approved. 


  1. Tim Yates missionary report was received and his application for financial support for 2015 was approved.


  2. Toon Yeo’s missionary report was received and his application for financial support for 2015 was approved.


  3.  Moses Wang’s missionary report was received and his application for financial support  for 2015 was approved.


  4.  Andy Mc Cafferty did not submit a request for support for 2015.  He is being compensated for his work as a full-time pastor and is paid as a teacher by CRTS and feels his work as a missionary does not required compensation by FCRTS.  There was some concern expressed by various members of the board about this, especially considering his value to both CRTS and FCRTS.  It was agreed that the issue of compensation be considered again next year.  By general consent, the Board was determined that any funds received that were designated for Andy should be credited to his account.


    The following are the approved amounts for 2015 for our missionaries:


                                                 McCafferty                          Wong                     Yates                     Yeo


    Salary, House, Benefits                                                    $21,710             $49,300              $39,750


    K-12 Child Scholarship                                                         2,367              14,000                15,000


    Business Expenses                                                                  600                 5,000                  1,000


    Totals                                                                               $24,677             $68,320              $55,750


    2015 Monthly Salary                                                        $1,810               $4,110               $3,312


    The meeting was closed in prayer by TE Ken Woo at 4:00pm.


    The 2015 meeting will be in Chattanooga, TN during next year’s General Assembly and should be on June 8th. 


    Respectfully submitted,

    Mrs. Tom (Sheila) Govan

    June 26, 2014