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Board Meeting Minutes June 2004

Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary
Board of Directors Minutes
June 15, 2004
The duly called Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary (FCRTS) convened at 1pm in the Pittsburgh, PA Convention Center.
Directors present: Chairman Dr H. Andrew Silman, Bob Simonelli, Vice Chairman Yeo Toon and Secretary Mark Thompson.
Treasurer Linda Wohleber was granted an excused absence for family illness, for which prayer was offered.
Others attendees were Executive Director Andy McCafferty, Priscilla McCafferty and Barbara Thompson.
After opening with prayer, Dr Silman’s devotional considered Christ’s miracles and discussed the individual talents represented within the FCRTS family.
By common consent, the following corporate officers were reelected to serve until June 2005.
  • Executive Director Andy McCafferty
  • Chairman Andy Silman
  • Vice Chairman Yeo Toon
  • Treasurer Linda Wohleber
  • Secretary Mark Thompson
The FCRTS Board Minutes of June 4, 2003 were approved as submitted.
Dr McCaffery reported China Reformed Theological Seminary (CRTS) has experienced “a very good year”. Approximately 150 persons have had CRTS involvement within the last year. Fourteen applicants and 6 other persons are in the CRTS application process. Financial stability has also been reached.
The Board accepted the 2003-2004 Missionary reports from Dr McCafferty and Dr Yates.
Moved, seconded and approved (MSA) to accept the 2003 financial statements as presented. Dr McCaffery led a discussion concerning the current financial position and projections. Employee financial reports were also discussed.
The Board encouraged Dr McCaffery to personally consider both disability and term life insurance.
MSA to annually fund $12,000.00 to Taipei Family Consulting Center, if acceptable to China Reformed Theological Seminary.
MSA to approve the 2005 Budget as submitted, subject to immaterial Missionary Support revisions and proposed 2004-2005 Missionary Salary recommendations (attachments).
The Board discussed the ongoing MTW & FCRTS dialogue, potential Board members, donations, seminary relationships and a possible dormitory.
After a season of prayer, Chairman Silman adjourned the meeting.
__________________________                                                        ____________________________
H. Andrew Silman, Chair                                                                      Mark Thompson, Secretary