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Board Meeting Minutes July 2013

Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries (Friends of CRTS) 
Pennsylvania non-profit supporting Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries,  
Corporate Office: 2419 Trotter Drive, Allison Park PA 15101  Email: friends@crts.edu
2013 Board Meeting Minutes           Date:  July 8, 2013
Place: Webex Conference Meeting 
Members Present:  Mrs. Glenn (Julie) McDougall,  Dr. Andrew Silman,  Dr. Paul Taylor, RE Mark Thompson, Mrs. Robert (Linda) Wohleber, TE Ken Woo 
Others Present:  TE Andrew McCafferty 
Dr. Silman called the meeting to order at 1:30 PM ET. Dr. Silman’s devotional was from Isaiah 46:8 and Ephesians 2:1-4, and emphasized God’s sovereignty and power over all things, including the works which He has prepared for us to walk in, even today.  The devotional was followed by a season of prayer. 
The minutes of the 2012 meeting were approved. 
Reports, Elections 

1.       Asia Director’s Report

Dr. McCafferty (Andy M) presented the Asia Director’s Report.    He is encouraged that a vision for a Center for Reformed Theology is becoming a reality in Taiwan, and feels that FCRTS has played a crucial role in establishing it.  He still has concerns that we are not drawing as many Taiwanese men for pastoral training – only half of the 15 Master of Divinity students are from Taiwan, the rest are from Malaysia or elsewhere.  He is encouraged that CRTS has recently been granted full accreditation by the Asia Theological Association, and mentioned that they were quite impressed with CRTS and the quality education we are offering there.  He is also encouraged with the way the Reformed Press and the Bookstore are succeeding, even if that success is not financial just yet.  The bookstore/coffee shop has become the new Student Union, and many people are meeting there and being introduced to Reformed theology there.  The Press has produced 8 new books in 2012, and four more titles so far this year, and some of those books are selling in Mainland China.

Andy M also discussed the challenges involved in trying to stay solidly Reformed and thoroughly indigenous, mentioning that the seminary board feels that a top priority is a Chinese president.   Luke Lu has committed to filling that role in the spring semester of next year.  They also feel that the long-term solution is to plant churches, and to that end Andy M desires to dedicate his a portion of his salary from FCRTS.  (See budget discussion below.)

Discussion ensued about why we have fewer Taiwanese students:  is it that our professors are not Taiwanese?  Is it that there are other choices? Andy M explained that there are basically four choices for seminary students in Taiwan:

1) China Evangelical Seminary – well established and has graduated 1000 students since it began.  At least one pastor           in every evangelical church has graduated from there, and it is still thought of as the go-to seminary in Taiwan.

2) US – often Westminster Seminary

3) Steven Tong has started a seminary in Indonesia, and some go there


He added that with Christ’s College having recently been accredited, we may be receiving their graduates from Mainland China, as it is a natural fit for them to go to CRTS, so he is hopeful we will be picking more of these students.  Long term, Andy M feels that we will continue to pick up students, but the real growth will come as we plant churches in Taiwan.

The Asia Director’s report was accepted without objections. 

2.  Financial Report

Mrs. McDougall (Julie)  reported that donations are up in 2013 from 2012.  Considering the economy, she is quite encouraged by the amount of giving to FCRTS.   Julie expressed a concern that Quarterly Expense Reports from missionaries are not being submitted unless the missionary has expenses.  She would like to remind missionaries that these reports are required either way, and necessary if we are to follow the law.   Andy M promised to remind missionaries to comply.

Discussion of Financial Report included the following questions:

Question about where the $24,000 came from for the Reformed Press?  Answer: a few large donations.

Question about how much of a financial burden the bookstore is?  Answer:  The first year start-up costs were around $70K,      and we were losing between $500-$700/ mo., but the trend has been downward and we are now losing only $100-            $200/mo.  Andy M feels the bookstore should begin to make money in the near future. 

Question about how much longer we have before our commitment to CRC is ended? Answer: We have one more payment      of $10,000 this year, $20,000 for 2014, and $$2,500 in 2015 and then our obligation will be fulfilled.

The Financial Report was accepted without objection.

3. Executive Director Position

Reverend Ken Woo has been appointed by the Board as our Executive Director in the US.  Now that Ken Woo is our full-time Executive Director, the Executive Committee has been dissolved.  Ken will be advised by Dr. McCafferty during this first year.

4. Election of Officers and Board Member Update

            The current slate of officers was re-elected by unanimous vote.    Linda Wohleber reported that she has someone in mind as her replacement, an old friend who attends Reverend Lindsay’s church, Mrs. Tom (Sheila) Govan.  We will try to arrange a meeting with Dr. McCafferty, Mark Thompson, Scott Lindsay, and Sheila Govan in the next few weeks, and if she seems to be a fit, she and Linda will attend next year’s annual meeting together.

           Officers are:  Andy Silman – Chair; Scott Lindsay – Vice Chair; Julie McDougall – Treasurer; Linda Wohleber- Secretary

New Business

1.  The Board unanimously elected Andy Silman and Andy McCafferty to continue as our representatives to the CRTS Board.

2.  Annual Budget:

A motion was made to approve the 2014 annual budget.  After some discussion regarding internal transfers, the Board approved the budget with encouragement to Dr. McCafferty to communicate to his donors his reasons for transferring funds from his account to accounts which he feels are more needy.

Missionary Reports and Financial Applications

1. Tim Yates – M/S/A to approve Dr. Yates’ financial request with the exclusion of Part 3.

2. Toon Yeo – M/S/A to approved Toon Yeo’s financial request, providing that he fill out the standard request form.

3. Moses Wang – M/S/A to approve Moses Wang’s financial request.

4. Dean Ulrich – After discussion of Dean’s particular situation at CRTS and his transition to an adjunct faculty position, 

    M/S/A to allow Dr. Ulrich to retain his full US$1000 stipend assuming he continues to teach full time.

5. Andy McCafferty  - Dr. McCafferty has reduced his salary request in order to support Church planting $4000 and the RTF Press $10,000.  This is the amount he intends to support these ministries, and reducing salary (rather than supporting these with salary) will decrease his taxes,  His request from FCRTS for benefits and business expenses only was unanimously approved.

The following are approved amounts for 2013-14 for our missionaries:

    2014 Salaries












Salary, Housing, Benefits






K-12 Child Scholarship






Business Expenses












2014 Salary







Time, Date and Place of 2014 Meeting:  Monday, June 16, 1:30 PM CT, Houston Texas, in conjunction with PCA General Assembly.  Location TBD.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. Robert Wohleber, Secretary

July 9, 2013