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2011 Board Meeting Minutes


Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries (Friends of CRTS)

Pennsylvania non-profit supporting Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries

Corporate Office: 2419 Trotter Drive, Allison Park PA 15101

Email: friends@crts.edu

2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  July 28, 2011

Place: Virginia Avenue Hampton Inn, Atlanta, GA

Members Present:  TE Scott Lindsey, Dr. Andrew McCafferty, Mrs. Glenn (Julie )McDougall,  Dr. Andrew Silman, Dr. Bob Simonelli,  Dr. Paul Taylor, TE Mark Thompson, Mrs. Robert (Linda) Wohleber, TE Ken Woo

Others Present:  Mrs. Andrew (Priscilla) McCafferty, Mr. Glenn McDougall, TE Moses Wong

Dr. Silman began the meeting with prayer and Rev. Lindsay gave a devotional message from Hebrews.  The minutes of the 2010 meeting were approved with the following additions:

a.  The members voted to invite Ken Woo to join the FCTRS Board.

b.  The members voted to elect Scott Lindsay Vice Chair and appoint him to the Executive Committee.

The members ratified 2010 email votes, which were to approve support requests from Drs. Yates and Yeo for 2011.


Election of Officers

By common consent, the current slate of officers was re-elected.



1.     Dr. McCafferty presented the Asia Director’s Report.    The four organizations that make up the center for Chinese Reformed Theology -  CRTS Seminary, Counseling Center, Hong En Church and the Reformed Press – are doing well and mutually beneficial to each other.  Dr. McCafferty informed the Board, and has also informed the Seminary of a disagreement between Dr. Yates and himself regarding the role of the Dean, but also observed that Tim has made progress in working with the faculty and administrative committee, and generally has done well in his performance as Dean. 

2.     Motion F/S/A to form a committee to draw up a plan for supporting prospective teachers at a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary in their Ph.D. studies.  This committee will consist of Dr. Andy Simonelli, Rev. Ken Woo and Rev. Scott Lindsay and will be responsible for coming up with ideas for how to help theology students to study in the US who will commit to return to teach at Reformed seminaries in China.

3.     Motion F/S/A to form a committee to draw up a plan for beginning a RUF style ministry in Asia, beginning if possible at Christ College.  The committee will consist of Dr. Andy McCafferty, Dr. Paul Taylor and Linda Wohleber.  Paul and Linda will work the US end by consulting with RUF for methods and ideas, possibly even individuals who are called to such a ministry in Asia, and Andy will work from the CRTS and Christ College end to see who may be interested or available to conduct such a ministry. 

4.     Motion to revise the FCRTS Guidelines V.4 and VI.5, regarding the definition of the Asia Director’s position, the role of the Treasurer and Board of Directors regarding financial issues and/or questions a missionary may raise, and the matter of who authorizes payments from FCRTS.  Dr. McCafferty expressed the need for someone besides Julie, possibly a Financial Director, to have a clear idea of the budget, current cash disbursements, special obligations, level of raised funds  – basically the whole financial picture.  Members of the Board agreed that this is needed, but some questioned adding another layer of authority in so small an organization.  The fact that Dr. McCafferty has been that person in the past suggested to some that maybe he is the best person to do this.  However, the Board had previously taken this responsibility away from him to relieve him because of his heavy workload.  Consequently, the motion to revise the Guidelines was tabled for further discussion and review, with the idea that Andy M. will consult with the Board via email to determine what will work best, and then submit an email motion to revise the Guidelines at that time. 

5.     Motion F/S/A to insert into section VI concerning missionaries (with obvious renumbering) 

VI. 8 If a missionary would like to propose a significant change in his ministry (and remain with Friends of CRTS), he should communicate with the Executive Director/Board concerning this and include the proposal in his annual report to the Board.  Significant changes in ministry require Board approval.  Significant changes include taking a position outside the Seminary and major changes in the position inside the Seminary.

Missionary Reports and financial requests  

1.   Dr. Ulrich did not submit a missionary report or a budget request for 2012.  Julie provided his 2011 request by copying his 2010 request.  In a letter to Dr. Silman, he has expressed that he does not want to have to raise money, and prefers a job with a salary.  The Board and Andy M. discussed his excellence as a teacher, the fact that his family is happy to be in Taipei, and the fact that at this time the support he has previously raised is still coming in and is still sufficient.  Motion F/S/A to notify Dr. Ulrich that we require a yearly missionary report from him which Dr. Silman will communicate in a letter to him, and to keep him on as long as he continues to receive enough support and perform well as a teacher.

2.   Tim Yates’, Andy McCafferty’s and Toon Yeos’ missionary reports were read and accepted by common consent .

3.   By common consent, all missionary financial requests were approved as requested.  We will provide Dr. McCafferty $22,050  in housing and salary.  We will provide Dr. Ulrich $29,869 in housing and salary (1099 support).  We will provide Dr. Yeo  $54,250 in housing, salary and child education costs. We will provide Dr. Yates with $73,350 in housing, salary, and child education costs in 2012.    The Board paused to pray for our missionaries.   


New Business 

1.  Motion F/S/A to approve and welcome Moses Wang as a missionary candidate.  He has received a call from CRTS to be a full

     time faculty member.  We will allow Moses to begin raising funds through Friends of CRTS, under the assumption that his

     primary remaining requirement for our accepting him as a missionary is the raising of sufficient financial support.

2.  Paul Taylor agreed to provide some helpful fund-raising materials from MTW to help our candidates have a diverse support


3.  Motion F/S/A to approve the 2010 budget, with the understanding that to make up shortfalls in CRTS Fund and China Mission

     we will need to use excess funds from missionary income, namely Andy’s.  This may not be sustainable in the future.  Andy

    suggested that Board members choose a project – e.g. China Mission, Southern Center, Teacher Support, 3rd Floor  

    Renovation Project, etc., and promote this project at our respective churches in order to help with fundraising for FCRTS.


The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 3:00 PM. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Mrs. Robert Wohleber, Secretary

July 2011